Innovation Journal: Annual Report for 1998

Dear Editorial Board Members,

I would like to thank you for the support you have offered me and the Innovation Journal during 1998, and to wish you a happy and productive 1999. The turning of the year is a good time to look back and to look forward.


A major accomplishment during 1998 was the redesign of The Innovation Journal and our successful move to a more accessible site, My naivete about the difficulties this would entail in combination with moving to a new web master were bountiful. The job is now successfully done, however.

During 1998 we completed a consultation about the IJ, created an editorial board, and secured a small grant from Deloitte Touche to support publication of the Journal. On a substantive level we added several new features to the IJ, including a peer reviewed section, news, questions, correspondence, awards, what’s new, training, humour and an index

We also published a good deal of new material, including:

  • three peer reviewed articles
  • three articles
  • six case studies
  • fourteen book reviews
  • enhancement of the bibliography
  • many hot links to other locations added
  • numerous news items posted, tracking conferences, publications, etc.
  • correspondence, especially where new material is provided.
  • information on seven innovation awards and a related article
  • The Canadian Centre for Management Development shared its data base on single window service delivery with us.


While the counters were working, the English Innovation Journal home page at the old site was accessed by 2045 people during 1998 and the new site since November 1st by 373, for a total of 2418. La Revue de l’innovation was accessed by 234 people since May 24, 1997. The counter jammed a number of times, so the count is not complete. This is not a bad count, but readers are still needed. For the English Journal, an effort will be made during 1999 to get registered at the new site with a number of new search engines. For La Revue we need a French editor, so that we can secure more material.


Some material is currently pending, including:

  • A case study on reform of a Human Resources Development Canada office in southern Ontario
  • An article on innovation in not-for-profit organizations and government
  • The Third Cultureby Kevin Kelly, editor of Wired magazine, that was originally published in Science in celebration of the 150th anniversary of that publication. The first essay in the series, "The Great Asymmetry", was by Stephen Jay Gould
  • A case study on the new Canadian Food Agency
  • A number of items have been promised.

I have some ideas that I am pursuing for publication in 1999. These include:

  • The three papers prepared for the Auditor General of Canada’s workshop on innovation and risk-taking by the Public Policy Forum, Industry Canada and the Auditor General’s office.
  • The papers of the Futures and Strategies Network (about 30), to be published in groups with a summary/introductory paper.
  • A series of papers related to the New Public Management
  • A series of papers with an introduction on process innovation in the Saskatchewan government, 1971-82, under the Blakeney government
  • An article on labour reform in Saskatchewan during the 1970s

Do you have any ideas/authors you can pursue?

We need further work to:

  1. Improve design as the amount of content increases
  2. Upgrade the Revue de l’innovation. We need a French editor.
  3. Get more readers

Any suggestions?

Some questions:

  • Can you commit to write something for the IJ in 1999?
  • Should we consider adopting an issues format instead of constant publishing?
  • Do you like the inclusion of news, correspondence, humour?

Eleanor Glor, Editor and Publisher
December 31, 1998


Members of the Editorial Board:

  1. Alan Altshuler, professor, Harvard University and former Director of Ford Foundation-Kennedy School Program, Innovations in American Government
  2. Sandford Borins, Chair, Division of Management and Economics, University of Toronto
  3. Otto Brodtrick, Centre for Public Policy
  4. Dr. Shun'ichi Furukawa, Associate Professor of public administration at the Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  5. Pat Griffith, former Government of Canada executive
  6. Arie Halachmi, Professor, Tennessee State University,USA
  7. Ken Kernaghan, Editor, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Brock University, Canada
  8. Thomas D. Lynch, Ph.D. is Professor of Public Administration, Louisiana State University.
  9. Elke Löffler, PUMA, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), France
  10. Wendy Macdonald, former deputy minister, Government of Prince Edward Island, Canada
  11. Ken Rasmussen, Associate Professor, University of Regina
  12. Paula Tiihonen, Committee for the Future, Parliament of Finland
  13. Howard A. Doughty, Book Reviews Editor, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada
  14. Eleanor Glor, Editor and Publisher, Innovation Journal
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