The Innovation Journal: Annual Report 2007


The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal (TIJ) has been published since 1995 as a free access journal on the Internet. La Revue de l’innovation (LRI) has been published since 1996. TIJ was a pioneer in Internet publishing: A print version is not published.

Publication Record 2007

TIJ publishes three issues per year. Thirty-eight scholarly-style, discussion paper, case study, book review and introductory papers were published in The Innovation Journal (TIJ) during 2007 (in English). One book was published. No new material was published in La Revue de l’innovation (LRI) (French). Both TIJ and LRI continue to publish only blind, peer-reviewed papers.

The three issues of volume 12, 2007 were as follows:

Issue 1: Open Issue, edited by Eleanor Glor, Editor-in-Chief.

Issue 2: Special Issue on Development and the Poor in Developing Countries: The New Role of Innovation, edited by:

  • Parthasarathi Banerjee, Acting Director, NISTADS (National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies), New Delhi, India, and
  • Donald Klingner, School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado, and incoming President, American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), USA.

Issue 3: A Special Issue on Efficient Management in Non-Profit Organizations: Papers from the 2006 International Symposium on Public Sector Management, edited by Ian Greene, York University, Canada. These were papers were delivered at the ongoing York-Mannheim Symposium, alternately held in Germany and Canada.


TIJ has two kinds of counters, (1) reading each page of the journal and (2) reading access to the home page only.

(1) Access to All Pages over Two Years (June 2006 to June 2008)
640,047 visits
1,479,264 page views (HTML)
2,025,455 hits (HTML+Images+CSS)
173,881 unique IPs ("unique visitors")
45,272 visits were longer than three minutes. This is TIJ “readership.”

The most visited files were:
Most downloaded PDF files
1. /case-studies/barrows-ed.pdf 48,774
2. /peer-reviewed/classic-theories.pdf 28,178
3. /volumes-issues/rogers-adaptivesystem7final.pdf 27,727
4. /volumes-issues/warford_test_diffusion_6af.pdf 15,296
5. /volumes-issues/martin-u-partner4final.pdf 14,433
6. /peer-reviewed/tan-9-3.pdf 14,211
7. /books/guide_innovate_organization.pdf 13,381
8. /peer-reviewed/quality_management3org2rev.pdf 13,307
9. /peer-reviewed/doughty-ethics.pdf 13,013
10. /francais/el-qasmi-kriouile.pdf 12,668

(2) Access to the Home Page in the past year.
Accessing of the home page of TIJ and LRI has stabilized at around 10,000 readers per year for the two sites. During 2007 there were 8994 visits to the English site and 1070 to the French site, for a total of 10,064. This compared to 2006 readership of 12,004 for the two sites.

A highly international readership is a major strength of both TIJ and LRI. During 2007 TIJ was accessed by readers from 126 countries while during 2007 readership grew to 145 countries. LRI was accessed from 75 countries over the past two years.

The top ten countries from which TIJ home page was accessed were the following, in order:
· USA 22%
· Canada 19%
· Australia 7%
· Great Britain 4%
· China 3%
· Malaysia 3%
· India 3%
· Netherlands 2%
· Germany 2%
· France 2%

The top ten countries from which LRI was accessed were the following:
· Canada 37%
· France 29%
· USA 10%
· Ireland 3%
· Morocco 3%
· Algeria 2%
· Tunisia 2%
· Belgium 2%
· Great Britain 1%
· Portugal 1%

Indexes, Search Engines, Data Bases


The main browsers from which the home page of TIJ was accessed were the following during 2007:

Browsers Visitors
MSIE 6.0 12,208

MSIE 7.0 3,676
Firefox 2.0 1,901
Firefox 1.5 852
Netscape 6 325
Safari 419 229
Firefox 1.0 223
MSIE 5.0 109
other 109
Netscape 4.0 80
MSIE 5.5 77
Opera /9. 76
Safari 523 60
Safari 312 57
Safari 417 55
Netscape 7.2 51
Opera /8. 39
Netscape 3.0 29
Camino 1.0 27
Safari 525 25
Opera 8.5 23
Netscape 8.1 20

The main browsers used for LRI:

Browsers Visitor Sessions
MSIE 6.0 1,267
MSIE 7.0 435
Netscape 6 155
Firefox 2.0 132
Firefox 1.5 80
other 40
Safari 419 20
Firefox 1.0 14
MSIE 5.0 7


Indexes and Databases investigated:

Listing with five indexes and directories has been investigated and/or attempted:
· Thompson Index. An effort was made over two years, 2005-2007, to become indexed with Thompson Index. This was refused because of too few requests to index it. Editorial Board members could help with this by requesting indexing at:
· Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): Listing r
efused because readers cannot freely distribute the articles i.e. TIJ & LRI copyright their material.
· Social Science Research Network (SSRN): would require fee of $1000 or $1500 per year
· ProQuest. ProQuest provides seamless access to and navigation of more than 125 billion digital pages of the world's scholarship, delivering it to the desktop and into the workflow of serious researchers in multiple fields. No cost to the journal. We await a reply.
· Érudit Érudit is a multi-institutional publishing consortium comprising the Université de Montréal, the Université Laval and the Université du Québec à Montréal. It offers an innovative model for the promotion and dissemination of research outputs. The Érudit platform provides access to several types of documents in the humanities and social sciences, as well as the natural science disciplines: academic journals, e-books, proceedings, theses and other documents and data. Cost of digital publishing for the above-listed services for TIJ and LRI would be $4,598 per year.

Thanks to Hachimi Sanni Yaya and Ian Roberge for looking into the four databases.


TIJ and LRI are blessed by dedicated volunteers.

The volunteer editors at this time include:

· Scholarly-style Articles: Ken Russell, Director of MBA Programmes at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK
· Discussion Papers: Vacant (outstanding offer)
· Case studies: Susan Paddock, University of Wisconsin, Professor, Governmental Affairs, Director, Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program, USA
· Book Reviews: Howard Doughty, Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences, Seneca College, Canada
· Editor-in-Chief: Eleanor Glor, Government of Canada.
· LRI: Sanni Yaya, Yale University; Ian Roberge, York University.

Three guest editors edited two of the issues during 2007. All three—Donald Klingner, Partha Banerjee and Ian Greene--are substantial academics in their fields. We were grateful to have Donald Klingner, the incoming president of the American Society for Public Administration, the largest public administration organization in the world, co-edit one of the issues.
The Editorial Board has 42 members (see Newly appointed members during 2007 included James Iain Gow, Donald Klingner, Carole Lalonde, Susan Paddock, Ian Roberge, Maximilien Tereraho, Nassera Touati, and Sanni Yaya.

Budget 2007

Revenues $18,586.04
Expenditures $18,745.13
Net income ($159.09)

The primary source of revenues was a contract with the International Development Research Centre of the Government of Canada, which sponsored one of the issues.

The major costs were related to website and webmaster services ($6595), and travel to conferences ($6400). The editor-in-chief attended four international conferences (ASPA, International Institute for Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, and the first European Public Sector Innovation Awards (EPSA) conference. She attended EPSA by invitation, and was a member of two panels at the conference. ASPA and EPSA costs were almost entirely compensated, and IIAS costs were partially compensated by IDRC. Details of the budget are attached.

Budget 2008

No major source of funding has been developed for 2008, although a small amount is expected from a university. A grant application for electronic journals will be submitted.

A Look Ahead

Publishing Plan

The current publishing plan is as follows:

Vol 13(1) 2008 Client Empowerment: Monica Dowling, The Open University, UK

Vol 13(2) 2008 Education #2: David Dibbon, Ken Stevens, Howard Doughty: Memorial Univerisity and Seneca College, Canada

Vol 13(3) 2008 Complexity and Innovation: Jeffrey Goldstein, Adelphi University, USA

Vol 14(1) 2009 Innovations Involving Arab Women: Aziza Zemrani, University of Texas Pan American, USA

Vol 14(2) 2009 Innovations in Leadership: Richard Beinicke, Suffolk University Department of Public Management, USA

Possible additional topics: Culture, diversity, integration, and related issues (Diversité et integration), ICT, creativity, intersectoral collaboration, quality in public administration.

The current Call for Papers is attached (Appendix I). The plan is subject to change.

Strengths and Challenges

TIJ is a well-established, second or third rung journal. It has been a trail blazer in establishing Internet publishing as a credible publishing mode. TIJ and LRI have a substantial readership, and is the leading journal in its field of public sector innovation. It appears first in most search engines under “innovation journal” and “public sector innovation.” Substantial people in the public administration field having been willing to edit special issues, to participate in the Editorial Board and to edit the journal. The editorial board includes a nice combination of experienced and new academics.

The presentation of TIJ has become dated, having last been updated three or four years ago. It will be redesigned during 2008. Whether blogging should be introduced is a consideration. This would require a new volunteer editor.

TIJ and LRI have two major challenges. First, the major challenge for TIJ has always been and remains funding. The free-access, Internet-based journal model does not have a natural source of funding. Readers from developing countries, in particular, have valued its free access. Two possible solutions have been identified: Government funding or charging for subscriptions.

Historically, most funding for TIJ has come from departments of Government of Canada, on a one-time basis. The Government of Australia provided small sums for a period of time.

A 2007 a grant application for a pilot Internet-based free access journals competition failed because TIJ did not have an Editorial Board with a majority of Canadians and because its Editorial Board met irregularly. Based in part on interventions made by TIJ, the criteria have been changed to one third Canadians for the 2008 competition. While Editorial Board meetings have in the past occurred in person, at conferences where a number of the members congregate, during 2008 an online meeting will be held. This approach will be evaluated as a possible model for future meetings.

Second, LRI requires further development, as it has trouble attracting articles in French.

The two new, dynamic editors appointed during 2007 plan to address this issue.

Profound thanks are offered to the many volunteers who worked on TIJ and LRI during 2007, from authors to reviewers to editorial board members to editors and special editors. Thanks are also offered to IDRC for most of the funding for 2007.

Eleanor Glor
May 10, 2008 Appendix I: Call for Papers

The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal
La Revue de l’innovation: La Revue de l’innovation dans le secteur public

Complexity and Innovation Applying complexity theory and methods for analyzing complex phenomena to help us to understand innovation in government and the non-profit sector. Deadline for papers June 1, 2008.
Jeffrey Goldstein
Public policy innovations involving women in Arab countries Innovations in the fields of education, health, rights, elections and other issues that particularly affect women. Deadline for papers September 1, 2008.
Aziza Zemrani
Leadership in Public Administration
Transformational and transactional leadership and management; innovative leadership and implementation processes in government, non-profit agencies, and the community; innovative training and development of leaders: theory and case studies from the United States and other countries. Deadline for papers August 1, 2008.
Richard H. Beinecke



Creativity Creativity is a contested issue, with some authors claiming it is a highly individual process, others that it is greatly affected by social factors. Some say it can be encouraged and managed, others that it emerges involuntarily in both individuals and organizations. This issue will explore the issue of creativity, especially creativity in organizations including government. Deadline for papers June 1, 2009.
Eleanor Glor

Innovation in Local Government
Innovation in cities and small towns, as the primary sites of service delivery in many countries. Eleanor Glor

Articles en français
French Papers D'idées et de renseignements sur l'innovation dans le secteur public. Vous êtes invités à soumettre des articles, des commentaires ou à apporter toute autre contribution.
Ian Roberge, Éditeur adjoint, Collège Glendon, Université York,
Hachimi Sanni Yaya, Éditeur, Université Yale,

Open Issues Other topics related to public sector (government and non-profit) innovation will be published outside the special issues.
Eleanor Glor

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