The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 4(1), 1999, article 9.


1998 Innovation in Service Award Winner (PDF)


The Elections Canada team that created the National Register of Electors. In partnership with fifty provincial and municipal governments, Elections Canada created one list of voters for use in federal, provincial, territorial, muncipal and school board elections and referenda. Creation of a permanent Register of Electors eliminated the high costs of door-to-door enumeration, which involved up to 110,000 enumerators. This project called for changes to several pieces of election legislation and required the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada to be authorized to share data with other jurisdictions. At the federal level Revenue Canada and at the provincial and territorial level provincial governments were authorized to collect voter information from income tax, motor-vehicle, driver registration and vital statistics records. The project permitted reduction of the minimum election period from 47 to 36 days and is expected to save taxpayers in the order of $30 million per federal election.

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