The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 5(1), 2000, article 13.


Institute of Public Administration of Canada 1999 Innovation Award PDF


Gold Medal:

Citizen-Centred Service Network, sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD)


  • Citizen-Centred Service: Responding to the Needs of Canadians
  • Citizen/Client Surveys: Dispelling Myths and Redrawing Maps
  • Innovation and Good Practices in Single-Window Service
  • Good Practices in Citizen-Centred Service
  • Citizens First - Summary Report / Full Report: The report of the Citizen-Centred Service Network`s national survey.
  • Client Satisfaction Surveying: Common Measurements Tool
  • Client Satisfaction Surveying: A Manager's Guide


Published March 24, 2000

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