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Submitted by Sandy Bryce


Material that has been submitted to:

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Jocelyne Bourgon's speech to APEX (Association of Senior Executives of the Government of Canada) in 1997. Ms. Bourgon was then Clerk of the Privy Council of the Government of Canada. (lotus notes version)

A Public Service Learning Organization: Directions for the Future by CCMD- Learning & Development Committee

1998 Paper by Art Daniel on Ontario's "outside-in" approach to service delivery

Michael R. Garrett on reform of the government of the new amalgamated City of Toronto

IPAC- Public Service Transformation

1999 paper by Michael Jordan on Ontario's Integrated Justice Project

Governing For The Future/ The Canadian Experience by Marcel Masse

A Strategic Approach to Modern Governance by Richard Neville

Managing Change: Recent Canadian Efforts to Improve Service Quality and Apply Information Technology by Brian Pagan

'Twinning' and the South Africa/Canada Programme on Governance: Some Reflections on Blunt, Jones and Askvik by Rosemary Proctor

Beyond the Buzzwords: Coping With Change in the Public Sector by Paul G. Thomas

Assessing the Agency Creation Option for Alternative Service Delivery: The Case of the Office of the Fire Commissioner,Province of Manitoba by John Wilkins


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