The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 7(2), 2002, article 4.


Workshop Papers (PDF)

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Delivering Results Through Quality: The Ontario Public Service Reaps the Benefits of its Quality Service Strategy by Lois Bain, Mazlin Darsi and Jackie Stothers (12/01/02)

Incentives to Innovation in Development Governance: Some Aspects of Information System Designing
by Parthasarathi Banerjee (16/01/02)

Innovations in Workforce Management: The Electronic Learning Record, Prior Learning Assessment, and Human Capital Accounting
by Kathryn Barker (12/01/02)

From Cheerleaders to Darts Players: User Evaluation of Caseworkers as Performance Measurement
by Steen Bengtsson and Janika Wiene (08/01/02)

Strategic Innovations in Post-Conflict Situations: Comparative Use of Large-Group Stakeholder Interaction Methods: New Definitions, New Alliances and the Triumph of Optimism
by Jeanne-Marie Col (07/02/02)

The Context for Public Service Innovation: The Case of the Italian National Railroad Company
by Eugenio Corti and Alfonso Marino (07/01/02)

Ontario Delivers Innovation
by Mary Anne Covelli and Maria Cece (16/01/02)

The New Paradigm: Donor Ownership of Patient Rights Through Contract Law
by Lawrence Dick (03/01/02)

Jürgen Habermas' Concept of Universal Pragmatics: A Practical Approach to Ethics and Innovation
by Howard Doughty (05/02/02)

An Empowering Approaching to Measuring Quality in Social Care Services in England New
by Monica Dowling (18/02/02)

The Internet as a Metaphor for the Role of the Modern Government Laboratory
by Ron Freedman (21/01/02)

Innovation Traps: Risks and Challenges in Thinking About Innovation
by Eleanor Glor (03/01/02)

The Ethics of Innovation and the Development of Innovative Projects
by Ian Greene (27/01/02)

You've Got to Conform to Create: The Implications of Corporate Culture on Innovation in the Canadian Federal Public Service
by Donald Hall (07/01/02)

The Ethics of Innovations in Alternative Service Delivery: The Case of the Management of Canada's Irradiated Nuclear Fuel
by Genevieve Fuji Johnson (08/01/02)

Practical Quality Measurement
by Brenda Kirtzinger (03/01/02)

The Experiences from Transforming the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Denmark into a Development Oriented Organization
by Birgit Kjølby (08/01/02)

Innovating A New Way for Measuring the Health of Aboriginal Communities
by David Leech, F. Henry Lickers, and George Haas (05/02/02)

Rethinking E-Government: Dilemmas of Public Service, Citizenship and Democracy in the Digital Age
by Graham Longford (21/01/02)

Federal-Provincial Business Registry Services and Payment System: Offering Electronic Inter-jurisdictional Services Based on Business Needs
by Stuart MacLean (07/02/02)

Classic Theories - Contemporary Applications: A Comparative Study of the Implementation of Innovation in Canadian and Chinese Public Sector Environments
by Michael Miles and Arun Thangaraj (21/01/02)

Design: The Somewhat Unknown but Key Ingredient in Innovation
by Glen Milne (05/02/02)

Patent Ownership and Rewards for Inventions in Japanese Public Research Organizations
by Ichiro Nakamaya (08/01/02)

Individual and Organizational Creativity
by Christina Patterson (12/01/02)

A Topographical Map of the Innovation Landscape
by V.E. Ross and A.W. Kleingeld (12/01/02)

Ethics in Innovation: Power (Electricity) Sector Reforms in India with Special Reference to the Rajasthan State
by Pradeep Saxena (07/02/02)

Restructuring Schools Using Learning Technologies - Four Challenges for the Teaching Profession
by Ken Stevens and David Dibbon (21/01/02)

The Reality of Innovation in Government
by Nada Teofilovic (27/01/02)

Can Parliaments Take Part in the Innovation Process?
by Paula Tiihonen (21/01/02)

Governance, Synergistic Power and Coaching: Towards the Democratic Organization
by Aida Warah (21/01/02)



Innovation et entrepreneurship dans le secteur public au Canada
par Luc Bernier (18/02/02)

Innovations et fonction publique: des efforts louables; un arrimage difficile
par Denis Harrisson (21/01/02)


Published March 7 2002

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