The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 6(2), 2001, article 9.


Workshop Logistics (PDF)



Ottawa is located about five hours northeast of Toronto, and about two hours northwest of Montreal. January and February are the coldest months of the year–bring your warmest clothes.

Ottawa, the national capital of Canada, will be celebrating its Winter Carnival at the time of the Innovation Workshop (February 9 and 10) and the Innovation Conference (February 11 and 12). So, bring your skates! Or rent some on The Canal, and skate the longest skating rink in the world.

Air Travel

Air Canada flights to Ottawa may be booked online.

Information on visa requirements for visiting Canada can be found on the Internet.

Nearby Places to Stay:

Gasthaus Switzerland Inn (22 rooms). A heritage site.
(3 blocks north and east of the Workshop site & the closest site to the Workshop)
89 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6E6

–cost: $88 to 228/night plus taxes

You can register electronically (rates show as less expensive at this site) – click on Ontario, then Ottawa, then Gasthaus Switzerland.

Novotel Ottawa Hotel
(about six blocks from the Workshop site)
33 Nicholas
1-800-668-6835 (no charge in USA and Canada)

Internet registration

Single: $179 plus taxes of 12%= 200.00
Internet rate is less: $150 plus taxes

Westin Hotel
(located next door to the Congress Centre, where the Conference on Innovation is being held)
11 Colonel By Drive (about five blocks from the Workshop)
$120 to 500/night

Register online for all of these hotels/bed and breakfast locations at:

If you are planning to attend the Conference as well as the Workshop, the closest places to stay are the Westin Hotel and the Novotel. The Westin is connected to the Congress Centre, where the Conference on Innovation is being held, and the Novotel is about a block away from the Westin. The Workshop site is approximately five blocks Southeast of the Congress Centre, while the Gasthaus is approximately four blocks East of the Congress Centre. The Gasthaus Bed and Breakfast is the closest location to the Workshop.

Exchange rate: The Canadian dollar is worth approximately .63 of an American dollar

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