Plenary Papers

  • Salahuddin Aminuzzaman (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
    Dynamics of local level governance: A study of institutional interactions between grass root based local government & non governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh
  • George Boyne & Jay Dahya (Cardiff Business School) Towards a theory of executive succession in local government
  • Michael Butler (University of Warwick)The new public management - a sickly child: Empirically mapping and explaining variation in NPM diffusion
  • Peter Carroll (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
    The impact of globalisation on national & sub-national governments in Federal States
  • Ann Casebeer & Cathy Pryce (University of Calgary, Canada)
    The new public health management: Emerging roles for population health initiatives and the promotion of healthy public policy
  • Richard Common (City University of Hong Kong)
    Malaysia's `paradigm shift': the legitimation of administrative change in a South East Asian state
  • Gemma Donnelly-Cox & Andrew O'Reagan (Trinity College, Ireland)
    Resourcing organisational growth & development: A typology of Third Sector service delivery organisations
  • Ian Greener ((University College of Ripon & York St John, UK)
    The development of the new public management - a social learning perspective
  • Jenny Harrow (South Bank University) Pete Alcock (University of Birmingham)
    ‘Capacity building’ as a public management goal: myth, magic or the main chance?
  • Chris Huxham (University of Strathclyde)
    Achieving collaborative advantage in the governance of public services, or not. An exploration of the challenges facing those who have to live the partnership rhetoric
  • Jan Kooiman & Perrine Merlin (Erasmus University, Netherlands)
    Self-regulation as a mode of governance: the case of old age pensions
  • J F M Koppenjan (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) E H Klijn (Erasmus University, Netherlands)
    Public management in complex networks: The theoretical foundation of the policy network approach
  • Svitlana Kuts (Center for Philanthropy, Ukraine)
    Role of the private sector in the public service of the Ukraine:Social-political governance perspective
  • Federico Lega (Bocconi University, Italy)
    From the principles of new public management to the reform of public administration. The role played by the mechanisms for transferring and spreading innovation
  • Jaci Correq Leite (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Innovative use of the internet in public management: The Brazilian pioneer experience
  • Brint Milward & Edella Schlager (University of Arizona, USA)
    Property right, rent-seeking and social service contracting
  • David Parker (Aston Business School)
    Policy transfer and policy inertia: Privatisation in Taiwan
  • Manfred Roeber (University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)
    Competition: How far can you go?
  • Kathleen Ross (Glasgow Caledonian University)
    Collaborative marketing & early years partnerships in Scottish local authorities
  • Kuno Schedler (University of St Gallen, Switzerland)
    Is culture changing public management or vice versa?
  • Paul Stubbs (University of Sheffield)
    Putnam revisited: A civil society grants programme in Travnik, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Natalie Webb (Defense Resources Management Institute, USA)
    Paul Glomsaker (Norwegian Ministry of Culture)
    Empirical investigations of isomorphism: What can we learn about nonprofit & government organisations from examining changes in organisational form over time?


Updated September 03, 1999

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