Peter Gunther


Peter E. Gunther is a student of economics who taught econometrics, mathematical economics and North American Economic History at Mount Allison before becoming Director of Research for the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council where he also held joint appointments at Dalhousie, Acadia and Saint Mary's Universities. He served his country as Chief of Contentious Issues for the Task Force on Canadian Unity and Director of Research for DREE, initially, in Western Canada and, subsequently, nationally.

His private sector experience includes being Chief of Major Projects at Informetrica where he carried out impact analysis of most major projects. These projects included Dome Mines in Yukon, oil and gas in the Tar Sands, Beaufort, Hibernia and the Scotian Shelf and other energy projects from nuclear exports to pipelines. He was also Director of Research for Public Policy for Northern Telecom Ltd., when he was also President of the Minto Skating Club during its construction phase.

He started Smith Gunther Associates Ltd. in 1988. That company has grown to 25 associates with diverse interests in the knowledge economy, planning, competitiveness, value-based management, health information systems, privatization of public property and wastewater treatment.

More recently he has returned to academia at the University of Connecticut where he guest lectures about once a term. His publications include strategic planning in the knowledge economy, immigration policy, international trade, and competitive analysis. He has published in the Canadian Journal of Economics, Canadian Policy Options, Canadian Public Policy and Pravda. The last of these took the form of poetry translated by Yevtushenko.


Updated January 24, 2001

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