Ruben Nelson

Ruben Nelson is the Executive Director of a two-year project --Capitalizing on Change-- which has involved several hundred persons and fifty organizations in exploring, thinking through and answering this question. The new Alliance, to be launched May 1, 1999, is a unique and innovative institutional infrastructure.

Ruben is one of the pioneers of serious futures research in Canada. He was a founding member and later President of the Canadian Association for Futures Studies.

He has written on paradigms, leadership, societal change, the future of work, 21st century social policy, the emerging information society and the societal implications of micro-electronic technologies.

Ruben studied at Queen's University, lived in India and worked in Ottawa. Along the way he organized the first futures conference in Canada (1960), undertook the first formal research into cultural paradigm change (1975) and directed the largest Canadian study into the emergence of a Post-Industrial society (1986-88).

He also has a strong background in public policy and was an advisor to both elected officials and bureaucrats.

Ruben is active in the community. In 1989 he conceived of Calgary as an Information Port and chaired the initial InfoPort initiative. For eight years he facilitated the Prosperity South process. He has served as a Governor of the Calgary Economic Development Authority.

Today, Ruben is a fellow of the World Business Academy, the World Academy of Art and Science and the Meridian Institute for Leadership, Governance and Change. He is also the Executive Director of the Capitalizing on Change Project and President of Square One Management Ltd.

He now lives in the Alberta Rockies with Heather, his wife of 37 years, and their three cats.


Updated January 24, 2001

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