The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 5(1), 2000, article 7.


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Eleanor Glor

Subject: Innovation Patterns, A Tool for Undertanding

This Innovation Salon will be devoted to exploration of the patterns of innovation. Before the meeting participants will choose an innovation and prepare a 1-3 page case study of it which will be provided to the facilitator a minimum of five days before the Salon. The analysis will describe and provide evidence for:

  • the innovation,
  • whether the individual participants in it were intrinsically or extrinsically motivated,
  • the organizational culture and management style, according to whether it was top-down or bottom-up,
  • the challenge presented by the innovation. Did the change involved present participants with a minor or a major challenge?
  • the impacts of the innovation,
  • the fate of the innovation. Did it eventually disappear, just survive or flourish? Why?

A copy of a paper discussing these factors is available on request.

Each participant in the Salon will briefly present and the group will discuss each case study. The group will assess whether the three dimensions–motivation, culture and challenge–are useful for assessing innovation. Whether it is a good tool for predicting the impact and fate of innovations will also be addressed.

Only persons preparing case studies will be permitted to participate in this Salon. No late registrations will be possible this time.

Date: Thursday April 24, 2000

Location: Mama Theresa’s Ristorante, 300 Somerset West, Ottawa 236-3023

Time: 5:30 to 9:00 pm

Cost: $10 for expenses, plus dinner
For more information and RSVP by Wednesday, April 19th to: Eleanor Glor, ph. 1-613-954-8575; email:

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Next Meeting:

Thursday, September 21:
Gardner Church, Special Advisor to the Transition Team, City of Ottawa Amalgamation: Innovation in Transition


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