Ray Springer

Ray Springer is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Human Resources Branch of the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). He has been involved in a number of major Human Resources files in his 12 years at TBS. Most recently, he completed a Comparative Analysis Study of the federal Human Resources Management Regime. The study is now available on Compact Disk and contains many best practices and lessons learned for HR professionals. Under Program Review Ray was responsible for developing a new Management and Accountability framework and tools (including new audit guide, manager’s guide, a measure called payback) and regular monitoring and reporting activities. As Head of the government’s Personnel Security Screening Program Ray, working with the security community, eliminated significant security screening backlogs and significantly reduced the turnaround time to complete screening checks through the use of technology. He is a founding member of the executive of the Federal Association of Security Officials. Prior to this, Ray was responsible for flexible working arrangements policies, including Self-Funded Leave, a program that he conceived and implemented across the Public Service.

Prior to working with the Treasury Board Secretariat, Ray was:

  • Head of Human Resources for the Public Service Commission,
  • Head of HR Policy, Planning and Statistics for the Canada Employment and Insurance Commission,
  • Customer Service Manager for a major retail organization and
  • Teacher of English in Paris.


Updated April 06, 2001

Last updated: November 2009