W. Scott Barillaro

Scott Barillaro is originally from Penticton, British Columbia (B.C.) and has just recently relocated to Ottawa, Ontario. He received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Honours History from McGill University in 1997. Following the completion of his studies, he spent one year in Korea teaching English and earning his black belt in Hapkido. Upon his return to Canada, he enrolled in the Master’s in Public Administration program at the University of Victoria and received his degree in June of 2002. Scott’s public sector career began in January of 2000 and has included: strategic and line human resources functions for the Government of B.C.; local economic development for the Township of Esquimalt; and climate change, energy policy, and sustainable development for Industry Canada. He spent two years sitting on the board for the Institute of Public Administration in Canada’s (IPAC) in Victoria and has recently joined the IPAC group in the National Capital Region.


Updated 01/11/02

Last updated: November 2009