DARE to Innovate Process, by James Allan

Innovation Salon/ Salon de l'innovation
Monday, January 20, 2003
Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George, 241-1516
(Details of location below)
5:40 to 9:00 pm

What is innovation? Why should we innovate? Where should we innovate? Who should innovate? When should we innovate? How do we innovate? This Salon will address these questions. The ins and outs of innovation will be explained, and then the DARE to Innovate process will be detailed to help all employees be more innovative on a weekly basis.

James Allan is an innovation and productivity consultant living in Ottawa. James gives seminars and consults with local companies to come up with processes to both aid innovation and to mitigate its risks. His company, Figment Innovation Technologies, has recently added Innovation Skills Training to their list of training courses to help employees overcome many of the obstacles involved in sharing, generating and then experimenting with new ideas. James can be reached at 769-8050, or by e-mail at: james@figmentinnovation.com

Cost: $10 registration fee, $25 for dinner, plus taxes and tip. Persons cancelling less than 24 hours before the meeting will be charged the registration fee.

Registration: For more information and RSVP by Thursday, January 16th to: Diane Shane, Industry Canada, shane.diane@ic.gc.ca or 946-6515

Location: The Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George, 241-1516 is in the Byward Market, in the first block East of Sussex, North of The Bay and Chapters, in a courtyard on the North side of George.

This information is also available in The Innovation Salon Schedule, published on Internet in the Innovation Journal under Salon at: http://www.innovation.cc/salon.htm

Next Salon: Monday, February 17, 2003: Brigadier-General Charles Lemieux, Special Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff on Professional Development: Canadian Forces Executive Development - the Strategic Leaders Program


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