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Top Ten Characteristics of Innovative Organizations


Innovation Guru® Insight

In the pursuit of a higher level of Innovation, we wish to share a short Innovation Guru Insight with you each week. This week’s Innovation Guru Insight is:

Top Ten Characteristics of Innovative Organizations:

Based on our work with many leading organizations and applied research in the field of Innovation Management, we have observed that innovative organizations have the following ten characteristics in common:

1. They encourage all employees, partners, and suppliers to take an active role in innovation.
2. They welcome new ideas and new approaches.
3. They look to the future to anticipate the customer’’s future needs.
4. They redefine the rules of the game and challenge complacent competitors.
5. They empower their customers with information and more control over the purchasing process.
6. They embrace new technology to strengthen their competitive advantage.
7. They employ internal processes that support innovation.
8. They allocate resources to find, develop, and implement new ideas.
9. They reward innovative efforts.
10.They move quickly.

How many of these top ten characteristics does your organization possess? As an Innovation Guru®®, what are you doing to ensure that your organization scores well on these top ten characteristics?

Innovation Guru Insights is a regular column of The Innovation Journal. Insights are also offered as a free service via For more information, please contact Elaine Dundon or Alex Pattakos. Many of these insights highlight key examples, and tools included in Elaine Dundon’s new book, The Seeds of Innovation, published by the American Management Association (ISBN 0814471463).


Updated 23/08/02