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1. In your judgement, is the PIFH credible enough to be worthy of further serious and research?

YES:_____ NO:_____



 2. Which, in your view, is the more convincing case today:
(A) The negative case:_____ or (B) The Positive Case: _____

3. Name one or more RESEARCH INSTITUTES or RESEARCH PROGRAMS which are explicitly directed to exploring, elaborating and testing the PIFH or some major aspect of it.
(If possible, please include a persons name and a way to contact them.)
____ Check here if you do not know of any such research bodies or programs.


4. Which PERSONS have made significant contributions to discussion of the PIFH?
Please indicate their name, location and the nature of his/her contributions. (Include yourself, if that is the case.)

5. Which ARTICLES do you consider the seminal articles in the PIFH discussion?

6. Which BOOKS do you consider to be major contributions to the PIFH


7. List any CONFERENCES/SEMINARS which have explored or focussed on the PIFH.
(Give title, dates, location and sponsoring body, if possible.)


8. List any GOVERNMENTS/CORPORATIONS/ORGANIZATIONS which are now seriously interested in the PIFH.

9. In your judgement, is the PIFH more credible today than it was 25 years ago? YES:_____ NO:_____



10. Would you be interested in knowing about an ONGOING RESEARCH PROGRAM in to the PIFH, if the Alliance for Understanding and Capitalizing on Change were to undertake such a program? YES:____ NO:____



11. Would you be interested in CONFERENCES which explore and test the PIFH?

1. Your Region: YES:____ NO:____
2. Canadian: YES:____ NO:____
3. USA: YES:____ NO:____
4. North American: YES:____ NO:____
5. European: YES:____ NO:____
6. Global: YES:____ NO:____

12. Please make any other comments you may wish to make:

13. Your Name:

14. Your Title & Organization:

15. Your Mailing Address:

16. Your Phone:

17. Your Fax:

18. Your e-mail:

19. Your Web Site:

20. May we quote your directly: YES:____ NO:_____

If you say "NO" we will only use your responses in aggregation with others.

Replies sent immediately are most helpful.
Replies sent at any time are still useful.
E-mail to: <> or fax to 1-403-673-2114. Voice:


Updated March 13, 2002