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Single Window Service Delivery - Sources of Information

Canadian Centre for Management Development/Centre canadien de gestion: Catalogue of Publications

* BC Government Agents *

1) Seidle, Rethinking The Delivery Of Public Services To Citizens.
2) Mitchell in McDavid & Marson, The Well-Performing Government Organization.
3) Marson "Building Customer-Focused Organizations in British Columbia" in Public Administration Quarterly.
4) The Deputy Minister Task Forces, The Report of the Task Force on Service Delivery models, Vol. 2, Toward Citizen-Centred Service Case Studies.
5) Gov't of BC, Government Agents: BC's Service Solution.
6) Gov't of BC, Government Agents Branch: Business Plan - 1997 to 99.

Ontario Kiosks

-there are two types: Service Ontario Kiosks deliver a range of services from various provincial depts. such as address changes etc. Ontario Business Connects kiosks provide single window access to services required to start a business.

* Ontario Business Connects *

1) Seidle in Alternative Service Delivery: Sharing Governance in Canada, 1997.
2) Seidle, Rethinking the Delivery of Services to Citizens, 1997.
3) Deputy Ministers Task Force on Service Delivery Models (cited above).
4) 1996 IPAC Bronze Medal winner, Public Sector Management Vol. 7 No. 2.
5) the Ontario Business Connects

* Service Ontario *

1) DM Task Force On Service Delivery Models (cited above).
2) 1997 IPAC Silver Medal winner, Public Sector Management Vol. 8 No. 2.
3) Service Ontario Website

* HRDC Kiosk Projects *

-there are literally 100's of projects involving the HRDC kiosks across the Country. Some articles/books that refer to them are:

1) Bakvis in Alternative Service Delivery: Sharing Governance in Canada.
2) Seidle, Rethinking The Delivery of Services To Citizens.
3) Bronze Medal, Ventures awards

These are all good examples that CCMD is currently researching for the Citizen-Centred Service Network. However, here are some others that I will be looking at:

1) The Aborignial Single Window Initiative
2) The Intergov site
3) Vancouver Neighbourhood Integrated Service Teams (NISTs). See the 1997 IPAC awards - it won the gold medal. Public Sector Management Vol. 8 No. 2.
4) The Canada Business Service Centres
5) The Tawatinaw Regional Innovation Centre
6) Atlantic Canada Online
7) The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure Initiative

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Canadian Centre for Management Development

Updated June 16, 2001