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Futures Sites


-Canadian Club of Rome - said to be the most active Club of Rome in the world!

Couchiching Online
- has 2-3 years of past conference proceedings online

Canadian Policy Research Network-- CPRN
- has many sociial-economic studies which are future oriented

Canada by Design

Dr. Tomorrow Home Page
- well known Vancouver futurist, lots of links and ideas

Innovation Journal
- concentrates on future of public administration
-editor is our own Eleanor Glor

Canada 2005 Discussion Report
- the public service's short term view of future government

The Debt Clock: Canada's National Debt
-up-to-date estimate of debt-no comment needed!

McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology @ University of Toronto
- ongoing centre founded by Canada's most famous futurist

- American site, has good overview or introduction to futures studies

System Dynamics Mega Link List
- German site with long list of links to system dynamic models (some of which are avilable online like Vensim) for simulations of future systems etc

Jay Forester-Favorite Web Sites
-good list of future sites by one of the most famous American futurists (MIT Professor)

Foresight -UK
-British government future studies
-gives a good insight into UK view of Europe,world

World Overpopulation Awareness
-American site with an agenda but has lots of anti-growth propaganda

Air Force 2025 Final Report Home Page
-American view of future air force

IIASA Home Page (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)
- Vienna think tank launched by Kennedy/Kruschev in 60s- the world authority in integrated global future systems and analyses of those systems (Canada used to be on the Board of Directors)

- major project by United Nations University in Washington, involving many international participants

OECD International Future Programme
-up to date view from the developed world organization in Paris

Plausible Futures -Norway
- a good Norwegian site with lots of futures links (with a European twist)

Sante Fe Future Links
- lots of links from the new Mexican futures study centre

Swedish Institute for Future Studies
- future studies from a 10-year old Centre in Sweden

Union of Concerned Scientists
- American lobby group seeking truth in science reporting

World Future Society Home Page
- the mother of all future societies (with American bias)

Submitted by Bill Pugsley
President, Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society
Président, Société canadienne de météorologie et d'océanographie
E-Mail/Couriel: PUGSLEY@NCF.CA

Updated May 10, 2002