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Public Administration Associations

Public Administration Associations
  • AAPAM–African Association for Public Administration and Management
  • AMDISA–Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia
  • ASPA–American Society for Public Administration
  • AUDI–Arab Urban Development Institute
  • CAFRAD–African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development
  • CAPPA–Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration
  • CICAM–Canadian Institute of Certified Administrative Managers
  • CAMDA–Caribbean Management Development Association
  • COMNET IT–Commonwealth Network for Information Technology
  • CUI–Canadian Urban Institute
  • DPSC–Development Policy Studies Consortium (USA)
  • EGPA–European Group of Public Administration
  • EROPA–Eastern Regional Organisation for Public Administratation
  • HKPAA–Hong Kong Public Administration Association
  • IASIA–International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration
  • IIAS–International Institute of Administrative Sciences
  • IIPA–Indian Institute of Public Administration
  • IPAA–Institute of Public Administration of Australia
  • IPAC–Institute of Public Administration of Canada
  • IPMA–International Personnel Management Association
  • IRPP–Institute for Research on Public Policy, Canada
  • MIPAM–Mauritius Institute of Public Administration and Management
  • NAPA–National Academy of Public Administration (USA)
  • NIPAP–National Institute of Public Administration Pakistan
  • NZIPA–New Zealand Institute of Public Administration
  • PMPA–Public Management and Policy Association (UK) (formerly Public Finance Foundation)
  • RIPA–Royal Institute of Public Administration
  • SAIPA–South African Institute of Public Administration
  • SECOPA–South Eastern Conference of Public Administrators (USA)
  • SPS–Strategic Planning Society
  • Study Group on Local Governance within the European Group of Public Administration
  • UNPAN–United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance




Updated September 23, 2003