News & Resources: Volume 20 Issue 3, 2015

A Note to TIJ Readers:

As you know, TIJ has been a free open access journal for its twenty years of its existence. It is an independent journal and does not have a sponsor such as a professional association. Many appeals for donations and sponsors have been made but without much success. I have therefore personally been paying most of the costs of TIJ. The Editorial Board has decided that we must now move to charging authors for publication. This is what the Canadian social science research council, SSHRC, is encouraging. With sadness and reluctance, we will therefore start charging authors as of January 1, 2016. The submission fee will be $100 and the publication fee $900 Canadian, to be paid through TIJ's Paypal account. Papers already in process as of December 31, 2015 will not be charged.

Eleanor Glor

Publisher, The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal
La Revue de l'innovation : La Revue de l'innovation dans le secteur public.

Loss of a Fine Scholar and Former Member of TIJ Editorial Board:

Ken Kernaghan passed away September 14, 2015. He was a long-time member of TIJ Editorial Board. He published several times in TIJ and last did so in August 2015 in Volume 20(2) at: A tribute to his fine contribution to public administration can be found at: TIJ also published a recognition of his work in 2009 at: TIJ published a review of David Siegel and Ken Rasmussen, eds., Professionalism and Public Service: Essays in Honour of Ken Kernaghan at:

Call for Papers:
Call for papers for a special issue of The Innovation Journal on Innovations in Inspections and Oversight , Volume 21(1) 2016. Call for papers at:


The Global Innovation Index

The Global Innovation Index is seriously defective

Andy Feldman's GovInnovator podcast

The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) Statement on Terrorism

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