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Scholarly-Style Articles:

Creating Conditions for Healthy Learning Organizations: by R. Darren Stanley, University of Windsor, Canada (2006/12/19)

Collaborative Community-Based Public Education and Neighbourhood Schools: by Mark A. Glaser, Wichita State University, Kansas, USA, Nancy McCarthy Snyder, Patricia Stevens, Crystal Gile, and Edward P. Young. (2006/12/19)

Inventory Building and Utilization with Information Technologies: by Joshua Franzel and James Lee, American University, Washington DC, USA (2006/12/19)

Assessing, Awareness, Perceptions of Academic Staff Using E-learning Tools: A Case Study, by Abdulhameed Kayode Agboola, Islamic University, Malaysia (2006/12/19)

From School to Economy: Innovation and Enterprise in Singapore, by Pak Tee Ng and Charlene Tan, Nanyang Technological University, Republic of Singapore (2006/12/19)

Brazil’s National Award: Innovation Education Management: by Armando A. Simoes, Ministry of Education, & Oroslinda Maria Taranto Goulart, Anísio Teixeira National Institute for Research & Educational Studies, Brazil (2006/12/19)

Social Networks, Platforms, New Public-Private Partnerships, Technical, Vocational Education: by Parthasarathi Banerjee, National Institute of Science, Technology & Developmental Studies, New Delhi, India (2006/12/19)

Blood from A Stone: by Dr. Thomas Fleming, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford, Ontario, Canada (2006/12/19)

Engaging Democracy Social Justice Creating Educational Alternatives: by Morgan Gardner, Memorial University of Newfoundland, & Angela Crockwell, Community Youth Services, St. John’s, (2006/12/19)

Postsecondary Education & Ideology: Capitalist Production: by Ralph V. Barrett, McMaster University and Diane E. Meaghan, Seneca College Canada (2006/12/19)

Innovation in the public sector: spare tyres and fourth plinths, by Wayne Parsons, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom (2006/10/15)

Approaches and Means of Innovation in Korean Local Government, by KIM Hun-min, Ewha University, Seoul, Korea (2006/10/15)

Innovation of Gay Rights Policies and Media, by Roddrick A. Colvin, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York, USA (2006/10/15)

Enhancing the Prospect for Deliberative Democracy: the Americaspeaks Model, by Maria J. D’Agostino, Richard W. Schwester, Marc Holzer, Graduate Department of Public Administration, Rutgers University, Campus at Newark, New Jersey, USA (2006/05/31)

Quality Management and Organizational Innovation in Canada by James Iain Gow, Département de science politique, Université de Montréal, Canada (2006/05/31)

Complex Adaptive Systems & Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett M. Rogers, Una E. Medina, Mario A. Rivera, and Cody J. Wiley, University of New Mexico, USA (2005/12/23)

Emergence, Creativity, and the Logic of Following and Negating, by Jeffrey Goldstein, Adelphi University, N.Y., USA (2005/12/23)

Testing a Diffusion of Innovations in Education Model (DIEM), by Mark K. Warford, Buffalo State College (State University of New York), USA. (2005/12/23)

Breaking Down Innovation: New Tools for Project Managing Innovative Projects, by Olaf Diegel, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. (2005/12/23)

Towards an Innovation-driven Economy Through Industrial Policy-making: Evolutionary Analysis of Singapore, by Andrew L S Goh, Department of Management, Birkbeck College, University of London, & Republic of Singapore (2005/12/23)

The Free-Market Innovation Machine and New Public Management: by Asle Rolland, Department of Public Governance, The Norwegian School of Management, and Statistics Norway, Norway.

Bridging ‘Town & Gown’ Through Innovative University-community Partnerships: by Lawrence L. Martin, Center for Community Partnerships; Hayden P. Smith, Department of Public Affairs; and Wende Phillips, Center for Community Partnerships, all of University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

The Citizen-Innovator by Ralf Brand, University of Texas at Austin, Nuremberg, Germany (01/03/2005)

Community Involvement in Protecting the Environment: The Role of Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs) by Dr. Ross Prizzia, University of Hawaii - West Oahu, Pearl City, HI, USA (01/03/2005)

Training and Professional Development for Civically Engaged Communities: by Kathe Callahan Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Campus at Newark, USA and Kaifeng Yang, Florida State University, USA (01/03/2005)

Improving Performance and Accountability in Local Government with Citizen Participation: by Pamela D. Gibson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA; Donald P. Lacy, The Ohio State University, USA; and Michael J. Dougherty, West Virginia University, USA (01/03/2005)

Sustaining Citizen-Driven Performance Improvement: Models for Adoption and Issues of Sustainability by Marc Holzer and Kathryn Kloby, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Newark Campus, Newark, NJ, USA (01/03/2005)

Learning Processes in International Accountability Mechanisms: by Richard E. Bissell, National Research Council, Washington, DC, USA (01/03/2005)

Participatory Processes: Creating a "Marketplace of Ideas" with Open Space Technology by Denise O’Connor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Hamilton and Michelle Cooper, Integral Visions Consulting Inc., Canada (01/03/2005)

The Consequences of Innovation, by Bann Seng Tan (10/10/04)

Is the Internet Politics as Usual or Democracy's Future? Candidate Campaign Web Sites in the 2001 Alberta and British Columbia Provincial Elections, by Harold J. Jansen (01/04/04)

A Topographical Map of the Innovation Landscape, by VE Ross, AW Kleingeld and L Lorenzen (24/03/04)

The Process of Engagement: Examination of management values as a change strategy in Veterans Affairs Canada, by Michael Miles (22/02/04)

Critical Challenges of the Learning Red Zone: Senior Managers in Empowering Organizational Change, by Marilyn Taylor (22/02/04)

Employee Empowerment: Democracy or Delusion, by Howard Doughty (07/02/04)

Empowerment and Process Consultation, by Henry Hornstein (07/02/04)

Active Adaptation of Municipal Government, by Don de Guerre and Henry Hornstein (07/02/04)

The Diffusion of E-Learning Innovations in an Australian Secondary College: Strategies and Tactics for Educational Leaders by Sam Jebeile and Robert Reeve (16/10/03)

Web-Based Education, by Thomas D. Lynch and Cynthia E. Lynch (07/10/03)

Educational Innovation in Small Communities: The Introduction of e-Learning to Extend Student Educational and Career Opportunities, by Ken Stevens and David Dibbon (24/03/03)

Jürgen Habermas' Concept of Universal Pragmatics: A Practical Approach to Ethics and Innovation, by Howard A. Doughty (31/08/03)

Innovation Traps: Risks and Challenges in Thinking About Innovation, by Eleanor D. Glor (31/08/03) - Read a comment on this paper.

The Ethics of Innovation and the Development of Innovative Projects, by Ian Greene (31/08/03)

Justice, Business, and the Ethics of Innovation in Canadian Nuclear Waste Management, by Genevieve Fuji Johnson (31/08/03)

The Ethics of Quality Improvement: Practitioners’ Perspectives, by Melissa Bottrell (31/08/03)

Modeling Differences: The Application of the Logic Model to Public Policy Analysis, by Santa Falcone (31/08/03)

The British Labour Government and the Private Finance Initiative in the National Health Service: A Case of Pragmatic Policy-Making? by Eric Shaw (03/07/03)

Governance Through Community Partnerships: A Model for Public Funding of Private Schools in Australia, by Chris Aulich (05/05/03)

"Don't just do something, stand there!": Revisiting the Issue of Risks in Innovation in the Public Sector, by Gambhir Bhatta (05/05/03)

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow, by Howard Doughty (05/05/03)

Strategic Innovations in Post-Conflict Situations: Comparative Use of Large-Group Stakeholder Interaction Methods: New Definitions, New Alliances and the Triumph of Optimism, by Jeanne-Marie Col (30/03/03)

Incentives to Innovation in Development Governance: Some Aspects of Information System Designing, by Parthasarathi Banerjee (10/03/03)

Innovations in Workforce Management: the Electronic Learning Record, Prior Learning Assessment, and Human Capital Accounting, by Dr. Kathryn Barker (10/03/03)

Digital Governance Models: moving towards good governance in developing countries, by Vikas Nath (10/03/03)

Classic Theories – Contemporary Applications: a comparative study of the implementation of innovation in Canadian and Chinese Public Sector environments by Michael Miles, Arun Thangaraj, Wang Dawei and Ma Huiqin (12/12/02)

Governance, Power and Ego Development: Toward the Democratic Organization by Aïda A. Warah (12/12/02)

The Reality of Innovation in Government by Nada Teofilovic (12/12/02)

Partners in Progress: S&T Productivity in NRC and Canada's Research Universities
by Hassan Masum and Jack Smith (12/03/02)

Crumpled Globalization and Policy Innovation in Canadian Grain Politics: The Wartime Economy of the 1940s
by Chris Adams (23/09/01)

Two related papers on innovation patterns: Innovation Patterns by Eleanor D. Glor (23/07/01); Key Factors Influencing Innovation In Government by Eleanor D. Glor (21/03/01)

Applying Virtue Ethics to the Challenge of Corruption
by Charles Garofalo, Dean Geuras, Thomas D. Lynch, Ph.D., Cynthia E. Lynch, M.P.A. (03/02/01)

Incremental Policy Development and Processes: Creation of the Department of Northern Saskatchewan
by Jerry Hammersmith and Bob Hauck (17/05/00)

A Comparative Analysis of Job Satisfaction Among Public and Private Sector Professionals
David Barrows and Tom Wesson

Sustainable Development: Three Innovative Models of Public Management*
C P Beukman and Toby Harfield

From Hubris to Reality: Evaluating Innovative Programs in Public Institutions
Gerald Halpern

What Do We Know About Enhancing Creativity and Innovation? A Review of Literature
Eleanor D. Glor