Comment on "Innovation Patterns"

Hi Eleanor,

My name is Barry Winkless and at present I am studying for a PhD in Systematic Innovation, using Triz as applied to the food industry. I am extremely interested in your article on innovation patterns- most comprehensive and well supported. After reading it I began to apply your 'Innovation Matrix'- i.e Innovation pattern/Culture/Magnitude of Challenge/Example to food business examples- and your ideas mirror perfectly some examples I have experienced in industry- for example when ISO quality standards were made compulsory- this was very much an Extrinsic, Top-down, Minor challenge (to big organisations). Obviously however the magnitude of the challenge within business organisations will probably depend a lot on company size- i.e.Large or SME's.

Barry Winkless BSc. HDip, MSc
AMT Ireland, University College Cork,
Cork City, Republic of Ireland.

Updated October 23, 2001

Last updated: November 2009