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1996 Innovation Salon Schedule

January 18, 1996:
Best Practice on Indian Land Claims: Adel Shalaby, Innovation and Quality Exchange, Treasury Board Home Page on Internet

The New Capacity-Building Roles of DIAND and Health Canada with Aboriginal People: Ian Potter, DIAND and Janice Hopkins, Health Canada

February 15:
Using electronic tools to facilitate innovation among virtual teams: Peter Turner

Ontario Health Innovation Fund -- The Results Were....? Steven Dibert, Glaxo, Inc.

March 21:
Best Practices in Public/Private Sector Partnerships: Allan Gratias, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

Innovations in Public Service Management in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom: Norman Moyer, ADM, Treasury Board

April 18:
Alternate Dispute Resolution: Richard Jackman, Indian Affairs

Social Inventions versus Social Innovations: D. Stuart Conger, former Director-General of the Workers's Support Services Branch of HRDC and Executive Director, Canadian Guidance and Counselling Foundation.

May 16:
Courage and Complacency: Robert Czerny, private consultant and former public service manager and Ron Bell, Psychologist, Royal Ottawa Hospital

Creating Innovation: the Processes: Eleanor Glor, Health Canada

June 20:
Government as an Enterprise: a Model: Pat Griffith, Treasury Board

An Innovative Society and the Role of Government: Otto Brodtrick, Consultant to Auditor-General on Innovation

September 19, 1996:
Innovation and Creativity: Concepts and Techniques: Diane Houle-Rutherford, President, DHR and Associates Consulting.

Strategies for Creating a Climate to Support Innovation in the Federal Government: Ruth Hubbard, President, Public Service Commission

Encouraging Human Resource Innovation in Health Canada: Ann-Marie Gianetti


Updated January 25, 2001