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1997 Schedule for
the Innovation Salon

June 19, 1997

Innovation in Service Delivery and the Ontario Public Service
Vic Pakalnis, Ontario Ministry of Labour

May 15, 1997

Innovation and Public-private Partnerships
Alti Rodel, Consulting and Audit Canada

Canada as a Corrections Innovator
Bram Deurloo, Correctional Service of Canada

April 17, 1997

A Government-Wide Research Agenda: An Agenda for Innovation?
Francine Lirette-St. Jean, PCO

March 20, 1997

Resolved: Deregulation is innovative: A Debate

February 20, 1997

Chaos and Complexity Theory
Rachel Dupras, Information Management Advisor, CGI

January 16, 1997

Use of Market Incentives to Induce Responsible Behaviour
Mike Beale, Environment Canada


Updated December 17, 2000