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Gardner Church

Gardner Church is the principal in Gardner Church Public Policy Consultants, a firm specialising in strategic issues management and public policy development. He in is an authority on local governance, urban public policy and intergovernmental relations. Mr. Church, a former public servant, served as a Deputy Minister in the Ontario Government for both the Office of the Greater Toronto Area and the Ministry of Housing after a career in the Ministries of Municipal Affairs and Housing and in Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs. He also led a public land development company as the President and CEO of the North Pickering Development Corporation. Mr. Church was responsible for a number of legislative initiatives and the restructuring of numerous local government systems across Ontario. He has also advised governments internationally in France, Sweden, Spain Latvia, the United States and South Africa on municipal governance and growth management.

Serving under six Premiers from three parties, Mr. Church regularly acted successfully as a facilitator, mediator or negotiator to resolve inter-municipal issues, often involving cities, regions and their neighbouring municipalities. Mr. Church served as the Provincial facilitator in several local government restructuring activities from 1973 to 1995 including recently in Hamilton, Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. Upon retirement from the public service, he managed the transition of the new City of Kingston and acted as its first chief administrative officer. Since completing that assignment, Mr. Church and his firm have assisted several municipalities to consider alternative governance models including recently in Ottawa-Carleton, York and Muskoka. He has also assisted Transition Boards in Chatham, Toronto and Ottawa in the past few years.

Between 1990 and 1995, Mr. Church was appointed Professor and Associate Professor researching and teaching local governance and urban growth management at the graduate level at The University of Waterloo and York University respectively. He was twice awarded the Pragma Chair in Planning at The University of Waterloo.

Making his home in Kingston, Mr. Church holds a BA in political science and an MBA in public administration.


Updated January 25, 2001