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Comparative Analysis of Modern Human Resources Management Regimes in Canada

In 1998, to assist organizations in adjusting to post-Program Review operating realities, the Treasury Board Secretariat initiated focussed action to learn from organizations recognized as leaders in Human Resources Management. The premise was simple, organizations that had adapted and modernized their human resources management strategies and programs could provide valuable insights into how the Public Service could adjust following significant workforce reductions. What started as a simple premise - learning before moving into action - turned into an incredible journey of challenges, discovery, innovation and partnerships. The TB has created a tool that is as valuable to the newest recruit to the Public Service as it is to Heads of HR or the most seasoned decision-makers. This tool has been shared broadly in the HR community, within departments and central agencies and with other Public Services around the world. The information obtained from our partners has been 'mined' to extract best practices, management approaches and lessons learned. To complete the picture, a case study of the Public Service of Canada was also developed. The case study provides a holistic description of the Public Service Regime, unique insights into the Regime, positioning opportunities and an historical baseline against which progress can be measured.


Updated April 05, 2001