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Nancy Faraday-Smith

Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist
Ontario Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs
5th floor Mowat Block, 900 Bay St.
Toronto ON M7A 1C2

Nancy Faraday-Smith graduated from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1999 with a Masters in Economics. While in Halifax, Nancy worked for the Government of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as a research/policy analyst. In 2000 she joined the Government of Ontario, beginning at Management Board Secretariat, moving to the Ministry of Labour and finally into her current position as an intergovernmental affairs specialist with the Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Along with being a member of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Nancy sits on the Executive of the Toronto Regional Group of IPAC and was recently appointed to vice-chair of the group.

Nancy was the founder and co-coordinator of the New Professionals Driving a New Public Service Conference, which took place in Toronto on October 22-23, 2001. The national event was organized entirely by a small group of seven volunteer new public servants, but garnered significant endorsement and financial sponsorship from key federal and provincial government executives and a variety of organizations. Over 340 delegates attended from all levels of government and nearly every province and territory in Canada.

Important issues that inspired the conference included the growing generational and skills gaps (due to impending retirements), recruitment challenges and revitalization. Two of the main goals of the conference were to build relationships with peers and experienced public servants from all levels of government and from across Canada, and encourage pride in public service. In her closing remarks, Nancy encouraged all delegates, from senior executives to interns, to extend the spirit and goals of the conference beyond its closing remarks and work together to build a strong, national community of public servants. The conference website can be found at

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Nancy also has an Honours Bachelorís degree in Economics from Carleton University.



Updated 23/08/02

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