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Nancy Simmons-Wright


Nancy Simmons-Wright has a “self-confessed passion” for Transport Canada. Having worked in many capacities and many areas of this department for close to 20 years, Nancy has concentrated on human resources issues over the past few years.

With a healthy disregard with the “this is the way we’ve always done things” approach to bureaucratic life, coupled with a keen organizational sense, Nancy has had significant experience in change management….as one might expect in a department that has gone from 22,500 employees to one which has 4,500 employees.

As the sole pioneer secretariat member for the Regulatory/Inspection functional community in the federal government, Nancy was instrumental in raising the profile of this community that is so vital to the safety and well being of Canadians.

At the present time, Nancy is Manager of Transport Canada’s Regulatory/Inspector Recruitment Centre. This unit, established in response to the need to recruit highly skilled technical professionals quickly, manages the electronic recruitment system (web site and managers’ electronic search tool) for the department’s approximately 1800 technical jobs. Types of technical people the department recruits include: pilots, engineers, technical inspectors, electricians and aircraft mechanics).

Transport Canada is one of the few departments to use only electronic means to recruit even a portion of its employee population.


Updated 20/05/03