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Innovation Salon/  Salon de l'innovation
A joint meeting with the Ottawa Creative Thinking Group
Tuesday, January 27, 2004,  7 to 9 pm.
Brooke Claxton Bldg., Tunney's Pasture

Mario Simard, Head of Health Canada's Health Protection Legislative Renewal Program:

An Exchange on the new
Health Protection Legislation

An informal exchange of ideas with the Head of the Health Protection
Legislative Renewal Program.  This is a good opportunity for citizens to
participate in government policy making that will affect the health of every
Canadian.  The format will be an in-depth two-way exchange of ideas rather
than just listening by either side.  (note: Mr. Simard has asked that
participants not be current employees of Health Canada)

Background information:
Legislation provides the basis for government regulatory functions and
services.  Many complaints against government may have their root causes in
inadequate legislation.  Canada's health protection laws consist of several
statutes established in a piecemeal fashion over a long
period of time.  They are becoming cumbersome and inadequate to address the
changing techno-social-cultural realities of our time.

Health Canada is in the process of reforming its numerous pieces of health
protection legislation.  The focus is on  the laws that aim at addressing
risks to health before they lead to injury or disease. A legislative
framework centred on a new Canada Health Protection Act is proposed
(available on ).  It would replace the Food and
Drugs Act, the Hazardous Products Act, the Quarantine Act and the Radiation
Emitting Devices Act.  Other existing health protection statutes, such as
the Tobacco Act and the Pest Control Products Act, would remain in effect
but would be integrated in the new framework.  A proposal has been made in
order to encourage discussion on all aspects of the new law.  Come and

Cost: $10 to cover expenses.  Persons cancelling less than 24 hours before
the meeting will be charged the registration fee. 
Registration: For more information and RSVP by Monday, January 26th to:
Eleanor Glor, ph. 1-613-941-2680; email:
Location: The Brooke Claxton Bldg is the dark tower at the north end of
Tunney's Pasture, located at Scott and Holland in the near west end of
Ottawa, on the Ottawa Parkway (exit Parkdale).
Meal: No meal will be served.


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