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What Is The Innovation Salon?

The Innovation Salon is a regular discussion group focused on public sector policy, program, process, and administrative (including human resources, finance, informatics and administration) innovation. It encourages debate, openness and exploration of all facets of public sector roles, change, and good government, addressing both current government change initiatives and experiences and the theory and proactive management of change.

The structure is interactive, with an ideal group size of twelve to eighteen, meeting in an informal setting. Participants are not expected to attend every meeting, but only those of special interest to them. A typical meeting involves dinner at a restaurant, with a speaker and extended discussion of the innovation-related topic. Activity is conversational, with one person speaking at a time. The participants are a wide range of people of all ages interested in public sector change and innovation, drawn in particular from the federal, provincial and municipal public services, the Crown corporation sector, the private sector, academia and the media. Many of the public service participants are drawn from the executive category. Participants change from meeting to meeting, depending on the topic, and are encouraged to bring their own guests if they would be interested in the topic.

Each meeting covers one topic of conversation concerning innovation and extends well beyond the subject at hand. Discussion leaders take responsibility for a twenty minute lead-in to those discussions. The convenor (Eleanor Glor) or a committee makes sure that topics are prepared for each meeting, and someone moderates the meetings. Polite interchange is a requirement, and only one conversation at a time is requested. Because participants are welcome to use the Innovation Salon as a testing ground for new ideas, confidentiality is requested.

The Salon has been meeting since 1995. Cost is $10.


Innovation Salon schedules and notes are on Internet at:

Eleanor Glor, Convenor




Updated 12/12/02