The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 7(3), 2005, article 20.


The Innovation Journal: (PDF)

A Special Issue on Public Empowerment and Engagement


Edited by Cheryl Simrell King and Alicia Seegers Martinelli

Citizen Empowerment Links

Case Studies:

The Participative Budget in Porto Alegre: Insights from a Study Visit of a Canadian Councillor by Clive Doucet, Councillor Capital Ward, Ottawa, Canada (30/08/02)

Factors for Success in Participative Community Planning: Lessons from a Case Study in Child Welfare in the Province of Alberta by Peter Gabor and Ian Greene (06/07/02)

Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation: Ottawa, Canada October 27-30, 2005

Examples of Public Empowerment and Engagement:

The Internet and Democracy

The Internet offers the public the opportunity to participate in political activity, regardless of age or location. The Innovation Journal would like to identify some of these examples. Please send examples to: Any example is given below–more to come!

Examples of Web-Based Citizen Participation: citizens making a difference

Development Gateway (World Bank) Portal on Civic Engagement

Citizens League, Minnesota, USA

Citizen Participation Centre of Citizens League, Minnesota, USA

Government Information Awareness

GRIG/CHEPA site on Public Participaton

Models of Neighborhood Participation in Local Government


Read papers from the 6th annual Community Research Network Conference, held October 2003 in Sandstone, Minnesota -- "Powerful Collaborations:  Building a Movement for Social Change"

Global governance and deliberative designs: A conversation between George Monbiot and Lyn Carson (from the Australian Review of Public Affairs)

New Canadian Prime Minister talks about E-democracy as the way to tackle today's tough issues with Thomas Homer-Dixon

None To Command & Control: A New Paradigm for a New Reality by Rune Olsen with Wanda Marie Pasz




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