Volume 6, Issue 3

(July - November), 2001

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

1. Crumpled Globalization and Policy Innovation in Canadian Grain Politics: The Wartime Economy of the 1940s by Chris Adams

2. Innovation Patterns by Eleanor D. Glor

Case Studies:

3. Potential Impacts of Compressed Work Week on Access to Services in a Small Government Operation in Canada: The Case of the Product Safety Program of Western Region, by Ivy Chan

Discussion Papers:

4. Measuring Creativity by Stuart Nagel

5. Encouraging Academic Creativity In Research by Stuart Nagel

Book Reviews:

6. Demonizing the Corporation by Howard A. Doughty


7. Come learn about the National Library of Canada's Agatha Bystram Award 2000. Revised link Agatha Bystram Award2

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