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Volume, 28 Issue 1, 2023

Public Innovation in Saskatchewan

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

1. Introduction to Volume 28(1) 2023 on Public Innovation in Saskatchewan, by Eleanor D. Glor, Editor-in-Chief, The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal.

2. Establishing a First Demography (Implementation, Fate) of 183 Public Innovations and Comparison of Policy and Administrative Innovation Demography to Normal Policy and Organization Demography, by Eleanor D. Glor, Fellow, York University, Toronto, Canada.

3. Antecedents of Implementation and Fate of a Public Innovation Population of 183 Government of Saskatchewan Innovations, 1971-2021, by Eleanor D. Glor, Fellow, McLaughlin College, York University, Toronto.

4. Comparison of Major Grouped Antecedents of Public Policy Innovation Implementation Identified in a Systematic Literature Review to a Public 183-Innovation Population, by Eleanor D. Glor, Fellow, York University, Toronto, Canada.

5. Database: Government of Saskatchewan Innovations Implemented 1971-82, Fate 1971-2021, Analyzed by Ten Factors, by Eleanor D. Glor, Fellow, York University, Toronto, Canada.


6. Memoirs of a Prairie Farm Boy: Sixty Years of Public Service, 1962-2022, by Gerry Gartner, who provided sixty years of public service.

Book Reviews:

7. Review Essay: Minority Perspectives, by Eleanor D. Glor, Fellow, York University, Toronto, Canada.

News (Whats New)

  1. Governor General of Canada’s Innovation Award Nominations. Open September 26 2022 Deadline November 18 2022 Questions 613 857 2114

  2. Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic See also: Environment - Sustainability

  3. Re-thinking Public Innovation, Beyond Innovation in Government by Jocelyne Bourgon

  4. Henry Giroux on pedagogy on YouTube, 10 minutes. In 2004 Dr. Giroux moved to Hamilton, Ontario, where he was named the Global Television Network Chair in Communications at McMaster University. In 2014, he became Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest and continues as the Director of the McMaster Centre for Research in the Public Interest.

  5. Improved Health Services to Northern Manitoba, Canada. Improved Health Services to Northern Manitoba, Canada. From 2011 to 2016, after becoming head of the Section of First Nations, Inuit and Métis health at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Marcia Anderson implemented a plan that reduced the physician vacancy rate in Northern Manitoba from 50 percent to 5 percent. In 2017, she worked on a leadership team to develop the Ongomiizwin Indigenous Institute of Health with a mandate to provide leadership and advanced excellence in research, education, and health services in collaboration with First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities. In 2018, she served as a member of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic provincial clinical team to build Manitoba’s first provincial clinical and preventative services program.

  6. The GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence, together with the research groups Politics & Public Governance and Government & Law at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), is looking to fill three study vacancies in the field of crisis governance and trust. First deadline August 15, 2022.

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