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Innovations for Poverty Eradication Workshop

June 25, 2002

I just had a meeting yesterday to do some planning for this workshop. It will apparently be in Bahia (Brazil) in March 2003. Although we will have to put out some kind of "UN report" on the meeting, I think that we can arrange to cooperate with The Innovation Journal for publishing the actual papers, or a selection thereof. Right now, we are working on guidelines for the papers. We are also putting together a draft program (in a few weeks).

Right now, I am doing a literature search on poverty and development strategies (and checking up on latest innovations). For instance, I just heard about a program (in Pakistan, I think), where in a system, to encourage parents to send girls to school, they are not only "feeding" the girls at school, but also sending the girls home each afternoon with stuff for the family's evening meal. This is proving to be a great incentive to families to send girls to school. We know that when girls get educated, they marry later, have fewer children, are more knowledgeable about health, nutrition, etc, and are more likely to send their daughters to school. The long term poverty eradication effects are substantial (as well as the human rights issues). Anyway, I am searching for any and all examples of innovative ways to work on poverty issues.

While the main papers will come from people in developing countries, and from some development practitioners and will emphasize spectacular programs that have led to results (measurable), I think that we can make some parallel sessions available for more of our "innovation" friends that have some ideas and experiences that could contribute to the discussion. We cannot have sessions dominated by western experts, but I think that we can be creative about accommodating interest. In any case, we are beginning to prepare some documentation in order to make sure that we are not squeezed off the agenda.

Jeanne-Marie Col, Ph.D.
Interregional Adviser
Division of Public Economics and Public Administration
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
United Nations
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Contact in Bahia: Center for Exchange of Information and Experiences about Innovation in Public Administration


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