The Innovation Journal: Annual Report 2002

The year 2002 was The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal’s seventh year of publication. During this time, twenty issues of The Innovation Journal have been published, encompassing thousands of hours of work, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of intellectual property. Five volunteer editors and many writers contribute to The IJ. The Innovation Journal expanded substantially again during 2002.



Readership grew by 100 per cent during 1998, 100 per cent during 1999, 50 per cent during 2000, 32 per cent during 2001, and 78 per cent during 2002. Total readership was 9784 for The Innovation Journal and 1165 for La Revue de l’innovation during 2001, compared to 17,646 for The Innovation Journal and 1855 La Revue de l’innovation during 2002. This is an increase of 80% in English and 59% in French.


The Innovation Journal published three issues on January 31st, June 21st, and November 19th of 2002.

The material published included a book; four peer-reviewed papers; ten book reviews and book essays; four case studies, two discussion papers; two new columns, Innovation Memes and Innovation Guru Insights; and the first audio recording of an Innovation Salon. Thirty-two papers for the Innovation Workshop were also posted, and remain posted.


Except for the webmaster, The Innovation Journal is run by volunteers.


Innovation Workshop

The Innovation Journal co-sponsored a workshop of papers February 9 and 10, 2002 in Ottawa. Its organizers were officials of the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, the City of Ottawa, and the Government of Canada. Thirty-two papers were presented at the workshop, and two papers were submitted whose authors did not appear. These papers are posted at Innovation Workshops. The papers (with two exceptions) have been submitted to The Innovation Journal for publication. These 32 papers have become the core papers for a number of special issues of The Innovation Journal, prepared by guest editors, as follows:

Innovation Conference

The editor-in-chief of The Innovation Journal chaired the conference planning committee of the Canadian Centre for Management Development’s innovation conference, held February 11 and 12 in Ottawa. Partners were officials of Ecole nationale d’administration publique, University of Ottawa, the Senate of Canada, the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontartio, and several federal government departments. The conference was attended by approximately 250 public servants.

Editorial Board:

Thank you very much to the editorial board members who reviewed papers this year.

A number of new Editorial Board members were appointed:

Parthasarathi Banerjee, Senior Scientist, National Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies (NISTADS), New Delhi, India

Denis Harrisson, professeur au département de relations industrielles de l’Université du Québec à Hull et directeur adjoint de CRISES

Ruth Hubbard, President, Ruth Hubbard Consulting and former deputy minister, Government of Canada

Michael Miles, Faculty Member, University of Ottawa, teaching Organization Development and Change, Strategy, and System Thinking

Pradeep K. Saxena, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Rajasthan, India


Ongoing sponsors of The Innovation Journal during 2002 were Centrelink Australia, Industry Canada, the National Research Council of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The International Institute of Administrative Sciences became a new sponsor. Additional sponsors would be welcome.



Links to The Innovation Journal were added to:, an innovation network with a focus on product innovation.

Permission to reprint given to:

ICFAI Press of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) reprinted "Managing in a time of change: the innovation process" by Eleanor D. Glor published by The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal in Volume 2, Issue 2, (May - August), 1997 in its Executive Reference Book on 'Change Management'.

Athabasca University to reprint five articles.

Information on The Innovation Journal published in:

FPTP News, the newsletter of the Federal Partners in Technology Transfer, National Research Council of Canada

An abstract of Is Innovation a Question of Will or Circumstance, published by the IJ, was published in the International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS) Issue 4, 2001.

The Innovation Management Network

Innovations World Wide Web Resources of the Innovation in American Government Program at Harvard University

Eleanor D. Glor’s Innovation Patterns, Vol. 6, No. 3was quoted in the Canadian Centre for Management Development’s roundtable on innovation, Organizing for Deliberate Innovation, CCMD Roundtable on the Innovative Public Service, Chaired by Ruth Dantzer, by Geoff Dinsdale, Mary Moore and Andrew Gaudes

Posted Call for Papers for Special Issues:

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) website October 7 2002.

American Political Science Association December, 2002

Editor-in-Chief attended:

Annual meeting of Canadian Political Science Association, May, Toronto, Canada

Annual meetingAssociation of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Annual meeting of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, August, Halifax, Canada

Regional meeting of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, November, Delhi, India

The Division of Public Economics and Public Administration (DPEPA), Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, October, New York, USA

Institute of Government Innovation, Harvard University, October, Boston, USA

American Society for Public Administration, October, Washington, D.C.

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), October, Washington, D.C.

American Political Science Association, October, Washington, D.C.

Information Package

An information package on The Innovation Journal and other activities of the virtual Innovation Institute has been prepared.These activities include the Journal, the Innovation Salon, presentation and training workshop, and an electronic innovation network (in the process of being created. Contact: Denis Harrisson and Nada Teofilovic).

Plans for 2003:

Although she was not able to fully complete her plan for the Case Studies Section during 2002, Elke Loeffler, editor of the Case Studies section, remains committed to publishing two sets of case studies. These "symposia" would each collect a set of 3-5 case studies, to be edited by a guest editor. For the first symposium, Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler would be responsible for editing a number of case studies from the area of e-governance; in the second case, a member of the Bristol Business School has agreed to be the guest editor.

The editor of La Revue de l’innovation, Lucie Rouillard,is planning to publish two peer-reviewed articles in French.

The editor-in-chief, Eleanor Glor, currently has plans for eleven special issues, edited by experts and practitioners from around the world.

A redesign of the Internet site, to bring it up-to-date and make it compatible with higher-level search engines is under consideration.

The Innovation Journal has applied for a trade mark.


Eleanor Glor

January 27, 2003 (revised version)


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